An on and off the mat mobile experience.



I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact on the world somehow, but I knew something so big couldn’t happen over night. It definitely takes time and I knew if I wanted to make a difference, I had to find the change within myself. Which is why this project has a special place in my heart. This idea came into light in the Fall semester of 2017 in my first interactive class. What started out as a fun idea for a mobile app project turned into a passion for creating a more meaningful yoga experience for users.

My goal with this project is to use the knowledge that I have with yoga to provide more than just a guide for users to experience the true meaning of a yoga journey.

My Role

Product Thinking, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping and testing.

Project Timeline



Illustrator, Adobe XD,

Due to modern times, the genuine practice of yoga has lost its authenticity. Even though my first yoga experience was a disaster, I found my way back by beginning with reading the fundamentals and philosophy of yoga . Understanding the basics guided me on a successful yoga journey.

Those who are unfamiliar with yoga might consider it to solely consist of flexibility and fancy balancing poses, but yoga is more than just the physical movements that makes it so beneficial. Yoga is about finding the connection of your mind to your body and testing the limitations of your mental and physical state. It encourages surrender to the past and the what ifs of the future to be present in the now. Yoga builds patience, positivity, and it is a journey one takes to find their true self. My interest in storytelling and user experience design sparked my curiosity. Which leads me to my design question:

How can narrative and ux design principles enhance the practice of yoga at home for beginner yogis?