Quiz game demo.

What can Alexa teach you?

If you have any kind of quiz or test coming up, you can be sure that Alexa will be the one to help you study. An Alexa voice-based quiz skill is the future way to test your knowledge on some fun categories. The subject ranges anywhere from movie stars to state capitals.

What am I teaching myself?

So, for the past few years, I’ve been getting into yoga. I am no expert, but for myself, I want to educate myself on everything and anything I need to know. It is difficult to follow along in a class when you are unsure of what the yoga instructor is saying. Utkatasana…WTF does that even mean!? For me to understand the Sanskrit vs. the English term, I decided to create an Alexa skill that would help me with the Sanskrit terms. Alexa will go over the terms with you before she quizzes you. I am excited about this because it can advance and help me with what I want to learn in the future.

See her in Action!

The Hurdles

I wish I can say it was easy peasy. Actually, I can! After I learned about the blueprints.amazon.com, it was a game changer. We were first asked to create a skill using the Amazon Developer Console. I tried to create a periodic quiz but it was a little bit difficult. Changing the quiz template was very challenging. If you change a string of code, there is a possibility that you might break the code. When I say break the code, I don’t mean that in a good way. You can miss an apostrophe somewhere and it will be frustrating to figure out where it is. Unfortunately, that happened to me, until the blueprint gods came to save my life.


I’ve always wanted to make yoga flash cards to help me with learning poses and developing my own sequence. I’m glad Alexa can help me with that. Although, I wish she would pronounce the Sanskrit name correctly. That is something that I want to look further into do and make corrections for the future. The awesome thing about the flashcards is I can more as I go! My yoga game just upped a level!

Thanks for reading!