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My own personal trainer!

This week I created a personal trainer skill for Alexa. It is always challenging to have a workout routine that you can stick to for a long period of time. In the past, I either used a notebook or a phone for an exercise list. It was really annoying to carry around a notebook or look at the phone every time I started a new exercise. It was very time-consuming and unmotivating. Using a blueprint template from Amazon, I created my own personal trainer. With the personal trainer feature, you can add as many exercises as you like. You can customize and schedule different workouts for different days along with sets and repetition. The other cool thing about this feature is the positive encouragements from Alexa. So I created a full body workout routine!

Check out my demo!

“Alexa, open sexy back.”

Technical Difficulties

When creating this skill, I ran into a few hiccups. I wanted to program a yoga sequence for the personal trainer skill but I wasn’t able to. Each exercise was based on time instead of reps. The minimum time for each exercise was 15 seconds. I wanted to do a vinyasa(linking breath to movement) sequence but it was difficult because I wasn’t able to change the time. So with a flaw of not being able to set reps, I had to come up with a doable workout routine.

Work it!

Even though I had a few hiccups developing this skill, I still had a lot of fun. From customizing my own workout routine to shooting and editing a video. I am excited to start my workout at home and at the gym. I’ve always wanted to create something that would make exercising more efficient. No more carrying a notebook to the gym. No more squinting at my phone. When I am ready for my workout, I just simply say “Alexa, open sexy back.”