Adventures in the Jungle!

Took an hour train ride and a ferry outside of the airport to Pulau Ubin today for a biking adventure into the jungle! Wish I took more pictures but I was too busy pedaling into the jungle. Also, it was a nice way to cool off all the sweat I was generating. Our bike guide Tony was amazing! He was really funny and informative. He let us in on a little history of the area and took us on an epic hike up to a 360 view where Malaysia could be spotted.

You can see Malaysia in the far distance in the corner.

A trip wouldn’t be complete without fresh coconut water. Half way through our trip, we stopped by a cute little beverage stand to rest and re-hydrate for the second half of the bike ride. Oh my gash! This was the best thing ever. To have a fresh and cold coconut after a hot and sweaty bike ride is the most rewarding thing. The juice was so sweet and the meat was so tender. Coconut juice had to end short.

We got back on our bikes and after some crazy intense hills, we hit another hiking spot, a natural conservatory. Monkeys were spotted. I repeat, monkeys were spotted! ALSO……WILD BOAR. What a sweet little treat. They were so cute! When we were done walking around the nature conservatory, we came back to our bikes being tipped over by our wild friends. A family had brought a picnic and let’s just say, they weren’t able to eat their watermelon that they brought. That got snatched up right away.