Creative Day!

Batik painting

Batik is a waxing technique. This technique originated in Indonesia circa 2000 years ago. Waxing is used on cloth to constrain ink. The cloth has many uses. Clothing can be from birth which symbolizes creation and warn at death.

Our guest speaker today, Kamal Dollah, is a master in Batik. He taught us the basic techniques of batik. Although it might seem easy, it wasn’t. There is a reason why he is a master in Batik.

The took below is a tjanting tool. You must hold it like a pencil. It is hollow inside with a spout. This tool is similar to a pencil but needs much more constrain as wax goes inside.

Tjanting Tool

You can see that these guys have been doing this for years.


Compared to mine. Haha. It was pretty challenging. It was hard to control how much wax would come out of the spout. You had to make sure that the wax was thick enough so when it came to inking, the ink is not flowing out. Overall, I had a relaxing day of trying my hand it batik.

After our little creative morning, we went and had an inspiring afternoon with:

Masonry Studios

“Do good work and let the world know” -Ronald

What Masonry studios value:

Creative environment, efficiency, artist growth, work life play life. balance.

These guys definitely inspired me to step up my drawing game. Their storyboards are beautiful.