Project name 


Overview and background of the project 

For this project, I wanted to do something new and outside the box. I decided to make an experimental video using the sound and footage that I captured in Singapore. I went through hours of footage to find the right sounds and image. I then edit my sounds and transferred them onto my midi board. Other sounds were added to enhance the song.


The objective of this project is to expand my creative horizon by trying out something weird and new and capturing the sense of place “Singapore”.

Target Audience 

Digital designers 18-40


Due July 10th, 2019


All sounds and footage is all original!


Paragraph addressing the content of your piece. Your treatment should include the look and feel of your piece (visual style of the piece) include a choice of typography, color palette, and textures.

If you choose video please include sound effects, music, camera movement, editing style, and lighting.