“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

1)  What do you consider to be your medium, style, and services of choice?  Describe why you feel that is the case.

I would say I have a multimedia medium. The style I usually go for when creating is minimal design. You can check out some of my motion pieces here. I also like to create surreal and fantasy pieces whether it’s through digital photo manipulation of motion. You can check my work out on Instagram and follow me if you want!

I think finding your niche is like honing down on what you love to do and it’s the type of work that you can spend hours doing without noticing that time has passed. I enjoy everything about motion. From the pre-production to the post-production, there is never a dull moment. I love seeing where the story takes me throughout the process because things always change and I like change! I love storytelling from beginning to end and it is always fun to see the message I want to communicate visually.

2)  Conduct some research and identify target potential clients and partners you hope to work with in the future.  Provide links and write a few details about why you choose those individuals, companies, etc. 

Odesza: My favorite artists of all time. To see them grow as artists throughout the years is such a proud fan moment but also inspiring. Their music captivates my soul and the essence of their storytelling through their music takes me on a journey that I never want to end. I went to many of their shows and I love the new ways they immerse their friends through visual+music storytelling. My dream has always been to create visuals for Odesza and every time I listen to their music, it just motivates me in getting there one day.

teamLab: When I was in Singapore this summer for the study abroad trip, we visited the ArtScience Museum. You can read more about my visit here.

Taken from their website“teamLab is an art collective, interdisciplinary group of ultratechnologists whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, design and the natural world. Various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects form teamLab teamLab aims to explore a new relationship between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world through art. Digital technology has allowed art to liberate itself from the physical and transcend boundaries. teamLab sees no boundary between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world; one is in the other and the other in one. Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life. 

I couldn’t fathom what I saw. The museum was very well curated. The story that they tell throughout the exhibit transcends you from one chapter to the next. I love that they play with the idea of humans and nature and creating a way for humans to be immersed in places that they’ve never been, in a technological way. Definitely design bucket list for sure!

Wanderlust Yoga I would love to create content for Wanderlust Yoga. Yoga is a passion of mine. I love the philosophy behind it and want to share the knowledge to the world. I love to travel, so traveling around the world to capture what yoga does to people is definitely added to the design bucket list.

3)  What common frustrations or needs do your services or products address? 

Music is art. How can we tell the right story visually to the song? What kind of emotions does the song have? Let the song speak but the visuals speak louder. A song can take us places, when we are sad, happy, angry, we put on a song and let it take us somewhere else. I want to use the emotions of a song and create the visuals that enhance the song and take the listeners into a different reality.

How do you or your business solve a problem or find a solution for your customers?

Through research, iteration, and collaboration, I want to help musician who are starting out to get off the ground at their next concert. I want to help them with the story they want to tell through their music. How can I enhance the music experience through design?

In particular, do you solve problems that nobody else can?

Maybe, I can start a design blog where I contact musicians and ask them if I can help them create their story and brand them, maybe in return, use their music in my materials? The only way to see what the problem is, is to go out and explore for myself.

Through your research create a list of the kinds of problems you are most interested in addressing after you graduate with some details as to why that is the case in the context of your skills and interest.

Undecided right now. There are so many problems that I want to solve. I need more time to think this one out and will come back to it later. I finally decided that motion will be my discipline. Or maybe not. It is such a hard decision. I think I will be able to hone down more on the idea when I begin my blog and see if it is something that I want to do. The best thing about design is the versatility. I can learn anything I want and incorporate it in anyway I want. What if I can team up with musicians and curate a yoga experience?

4)  Conduct a bit of secondary research to see just how competitive your chosen market is.  Create a list of links with short sentences describing how competitors are approaching their niche to address the kinds of problems that interest you. 

Black Lake is the creator of Big Gigantic’s 3D show. I went last year at Red Rocks and it was amazing!

Japanese Dad AKA Luke Tanaka is the visual artist for Odesza.

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