Something Interesting! (#1)

I read a really great article about building engaging immersive experiences for users on Medium. You can find the article here. In the article written by Josefina Blattmann and Elisa Goyeneche, defines immersive.

Immersive experiences simulate our senses in order to create an illusion that transports us to another place and situation. Immersion should be realistic, engaging and satisfying.

  • How does this relate to your current inquiry or field of practice?

I feel like Odesza mastered the art of storytelling through their music. When you are at one their shows, they take you on a journey from beginning to end and you can just see and hear the narrative arc in their story. Their music makes me emotional but in a really good way. It just captivates my soul in a way and that is what I want to do as an artist. How can I tell the story of yoga through visuals and music? How can I enhance the experience of yoga through immersive storytelling?

  • Does it change the way you think about… something? Expand your perspective? Challenge your accepted knowledge? Present a new avenue of interest or exploration?

There is definitely more I need to learn but every time I listen to their music or go to their show, I’m so inspired and motivated which pushes me to learn and push me to do and not say.

  • Dig deeper – provide 3 adjacent things to give this thing some more context (links to articles, thoughtful and validated search queries, similar works, etc. )

  • Does this draw some connection between seemingly disparate areas of interest for you?