Assessing your current status

Over the last couple of years in the Design program (and perhaps outside of course work as well), you have no doubt generated a number of assets related to your personal brand. In the first part of this blog post, I’d like you to take stock of what you have on hand by pulling together all of your brand work. When assembling existing assets and touchpoints, refer to the deliverables for the ID Kit project and include your current online portfolio, if you have one. Now take a hard, objective look at what you’ve gathered and write a critique on each piece based on its consistency with the Brand Brief you’ve developed and the level of professionalism at which they have been executed. Be as absolutely critical as possible here. The goal is to determine how much work you have left to do to execute all of the requirements for the ID Kit at a professional level. Note: your portfolio is also included in this task, though it is not part of the ID Kit, because you will benefit later from the self-critique as well as the peer critiques that will follow. 

Prepare a Project Plan

Refer to the Design Brief and required deliverables fo the ID Kit project and follow these steps to build a project schedule that will ensure the timely completion of the project:

  1. Define activities + deliverables + and task breakdowns
  2. Estimate durations for each activity
  3. Determine dependencies
  4. Build your schedule

You schedule should be in the form of a gantt chart to be uploaded as a PDF. Additionally, add a link to your schedule on you blog. Whatever means you use to create your schedule, keep in mind that you may need to periodically update the document to reflect changes in progress circumstances.