The Heroine’s Journey

Ordinary World

When I was growing up, I was always worried about what I looked like physically. I loathe family gatherings because of the constant negative criticisms towards my physical appearance. My constant catering and worryness resulted in “dark night of the soul”. I’ve always dealt with a roller coaster fitness journey. It was challenging to stay on a regimen especially when life gets in the way. Well, things got worse. In 2016 I was experiencing knee pain that slowed me down on my tracks. I got knee surgery at the beginning of 2017. They found a benign tumor. After surgery, I was sad and depressed. I didn’t feel myself. I beat myself up for the way I looked and what I didn’t do to get myself feeling better. I was hopeless. I went to the Barnes and Noble and checked out their bargain section, and found what’s been missing from my life. I picked up a yoga for beginners book and it changed my life.

This idea came into light in the Fall semester of 2017.