My design gurus:

Grace Duong

I found out about Grace through Adobe’s Instagram story. They had an artist feature on Grace and I instantly fell in love. I love her aesthetic and her take on the spiritual realm. Grace created the brand Mystic Mondays. Mystic Mondays is a modern take on tarot cards. Her design of the cards are colorful and vibrant. She also created an app which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign she created.

I reached out to Grace Duong on January 31st. She replied instantly. Honestly I was shock that she was interested in being a mentor since she is such a well known artist. We met face to face for the first time on February 19th on Google Meeting.  Our first initial meeting included brief introductions and then I went over my thesis.  Grace gave me some insight on the development process and which direction to go with my thesis.  In trade for mentorship, she had asked me to help her out with her social media by doing motion and animation for her feed!  Initially we were only going to meet once a month but since she asked me to help her with her social media, we are going to meet bi-weekly to work on her social media content and also any questions or concerns I have with my thesis.  

Can’t express how I excited I am to work with her!

Casey Voinché

I was at the right place, at the right time. My cousin is a real estate agent and held an open house fiesta at one of his listings. There was tacos and there was definitely tequila. He had friends and clients stop by to enjoy the festivity. In the distance I heard, “I am a graphic designer“, I quickly jumped to this opportunity. I went up to Casey and introduced myself. I told her that I am a student at CU Denver and currently searching for a design mentor! She was definitely interested. She gave me her e-mail and I reached out to her and we set our meeting for today February 21st! We met at The Zeppelin station and bonded over drinks. Casey just moved to Denver from Cincinnati. She is a graphic designer and been with P&G for 6 years! We went over my thesis and I showed her the direction that I wanted to go. I think Casey will be a great mentor because she has experience with big corporation and can help me with brand strategy and how to pitch my idea for venture capital. She is willing to meet twice a month and help me out with my thesis!

I’m very glad that I’ve reached out to Grace and Casey. I always have a fear of reaching out to people because I’m afraid of rejection. I’m glad I did and I can’t wait for what this journey has in store for me this semester!