What is your history with this music (how did you come to start listening to this particular artist and this particular music?

Although I am not really a big fan of modern country/western music, I do appreciate the oldies. I don’t know the if the station still exists, but 1430 AM on Denver radio was the only station that played mostly oldies. I do not dislike Bluegrass and Americans, I just don’t listen to this the genre too much. But when it comes to modern country music, I am not a big fan. I think the singers are really talented but it’s something about their voice that stops me from liking the genre. Going back the the oldies, I picked the song “Hurt” covered in 2002 by Johnny Cash. I started listening to this artists and song through my husband. This particular song is actually a remake of NIN (Nine Inch Nails) produced in 1995 .

He is obsessed with NIN and was very happy when Johnny Cash did a cover because he grew up listening to Johnny Cash from his grandpa. Every time he listens to Johnny Cash it reminds him of his grandpa and sparks his memories from childhood. Even though it is not my memory, the meaning and affect of this song help me appreciate it. Just like in the video above with Johnny Cash, he is reminiscing on his life and reflecting back.

What affect does this music have on you?

If its modern country music, it pisses me of and I get disgusted. Maybe I haven’t listen to the right songs? But this specific piece, it made me sad. Especially watching the video along with the dark tone to this song, I wanted to cry. The acoustic version is so intimate it helps you relate with the musician.

Where would you likely hear this music? Would it be the same to you if you heard it in a different context, venue, presentation? Why/Why not?

My husband plays it all the time at home. We do have a pretty kick ass system. Which sounds nice, but I think it I would feel more soul and an intimate connection at a smaller venue. I also think it would be great to listen to “Hurt” live at a large venue because it would be so such an amazing experience to see all the different types of people who appreciate this music.

In what ways do you connect with this music? Emotionally (love, joy, anger, sadness, hate, etc.), intellectually, spiritually, reflectively, socially, politically?

The connection I have with this song is reflectively. As I observe the video and listen to the lyrics, I reflect on the cinematography to the lyrics relationship. The tone of this song is already dark and the images reflect cloudy lyrics.