What is your history with this music (how did you come to start listening to this particular artist and this particular music?

My love for Jazz sparked during my junior year in high school. The spring concert set list was on point! Frank Sinatra I’ve Got the World on a String was on the set list. It was the very song that blossomed my love for jazz. Going to rehearse the song was my motivation to go to class but also a really fun song to sing! Since then, I’ve been a fan of jazz. I don’t really listen to jazz as much as I want to but when I do, I really enjoy it. My favorite way to enjoy the music is go to a jazz bar and enjoy the live music along with snacks and cocktails. It is such a fun date with your significant other or a group of friends.

But my most favorite way to enjoy this music is at Red Rocks with Big Gigantic. I first saw them at Red Rocks for Colorado’s 2011 Global Dance Festival. Big G, persuaded me with a new love for jazz, electronic jazz. This was one of the best night of my life, and it lifts my soul to witness Big G’s growth throughout the years.

What affect does this music have on you?

I feel really sophisticated when I listen to jazz. To me, jazz is just a feel good kind of genre. Not only can you hear the vibe of the music but also feel the soul of the musician.

Where would you likely hear this music? Would it be the same to you if you heard it in a different context, venue, presentation? Why/Why not?

Like I mentioned earlier, it is always fun to enjoy jazz live, at a venue with a few cocktails. I mean you can never go wrong with jazz. It turns every event into classy event. Like Christmas for instance, there’s a playlist on Spotify called “Christmas Jazz”. Throw that on during the holidays and you got yourself a classy Christmas.

In what ways do you connect with this music? Emotionally (love, joy, anger, sadness, hate, etc.), intellectually, spiritually, reflectively, socially, politically.

When I listen to jazz, the way the musician improvise the notes help me connect with them rhythmically. It’s like music empathy, you can feel what the musician is feeling through the way that they play.