What is your history with this music (how did you come to start listening to this particular artist and this particular music?

I’ve always been a fan for the 1920’s. I am a sucker for Art Deco. I mean, for my 30th birthday, my husband threw me at 1920’s birthday party. It was the best thing ever! I think I started getting into this type of music more after watching The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. I love the soundtrack and the modern twist on swing music. Like this rendition of Crazy in Love by Beyonce.

I then started to search for electronic swing music and found this band called Caravan Palace. They are now one of my all time favorite bands. I try not to miss a show when they are in town because the energy that they bring every time is amazing.

What affect does this music have on you?

I love the energy that this type of music brings. I wish I knew how to swing dance because I am so energetic and happy when I listen to this type of music.

Where would you likely hear this music? Would it be the same to you if you heard it in a different context, venue, presentation? Why/Why not?

Personally, the best place to listen to this type of music is live. I enjoy the company and the energy and vibe it brings. I’ve listened to it at home and it just doesn’t feel the same as in concert. This music is more enjoyable live.

In what ways do you connect with this music? Emotionally (love, joy, anger, sadness, hate, etc.), intellectually, spiritually, reflectively, socially, politically.

This type of music brings so much joy. I’ve introduced this type of music to a lot of my friends and they love it a lot! Every time I have a gathering, I throw on electronic swing and it always get my friends dancing and the ones who don’t dance are bopping their head. I