May 5th, 2020. Part One. Final Music Blog

For this project, I wanted to have a little fun and push the boundaries of what I can create using the skill I’ve learned these past 3 years in college. Since it is my last semester, I want to incorporate this assignment with my thesis project. Which you can find more about (here) if you are interested. My project, in broad terms, is about creating the most memorable yoga experience for practitioners. Yoga is about a meaningful experience that one get to witness with themselves. It is a meaningful immersive yoga experience. When I practice yoga, it is my time to just zone out on my mat. I don’t like the music at some studios, I feel like it doesn’t sync very well to sequence and the practice itself. I have trouble concentrating and when it comes to yoga, it is about tuning outwards and looking inwards. When there are music with words, I lose focus and think about other things. It all depends on the speed of the class as well. I am more of a slow flow so when practicing yoga, I love to listen and practice along to melodic, ambient, and chillout chill step. I find it very soothing and easy to synchronize to my flows. The music is very soulful and when it is in combination with my yoga practice, I just have this outer body experience with my mind,body, and soul. I guess it feels very spiritual. So this composition will be inspired by a yoga sequence that I put together and I want to tell a story through the sequence and the music. it to be more than just a sequence but a story, so I want my music to have a beginning, middle, and end that synchronize with a yoga flow. This is what inspired me.

First, I have to come up with an easy flow. The most common yoga sequence is The Sun Salutation. This practice has been around for thousands of years and still being practiced in India. Each morning, one rise and greet the sun with this sequence. This sequence can be short or lengthy, depending on how you feel. For the purpose of this composition, I am going to write a sequence that is around 3-5 minutes.

The sequence that I did took 3 minutes and 59 seconds. I did it to the song and it was perfect.

So I am going to use this song as a reference for my composition. I love the tone of the music and how there is a beginning, middle and end.

I really like the usage of manipulating the voice. That sound just vibrates through me when I’m listening to music and enhance my senses

My next goal is to create visuals to go along with this, which I’m super excited to experiment with in the future. One can practice yoga with or without their eyes closed.

For me to understand how to create a song like Anna B May-Going forwards, I am going to try and mimic the song and see if I even have the skills to replicate something like the song.

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