I am not a professional music composer. I know I use Ableton, but I am not highly skilled in the software yet. I just like to make music and purchased the Push 2 to have fun. I am still learning the program. I am glad that after I am done with school, I can geek out on with this toy.

Final Song Composition process.

I know in my last blog: Music Composition Process, I said that I would try to mimic the song and then recreate something new. Well, I didn’t have time to recreate something new. The song was more challenging than I thought. It had a lot of textures that I couldn’t really pin point and time was definitely ticking. So, I recreated the song. It doesn’t song exactly like the song, but I tried. I know it is not a new song, but creating this song definitely helped me learn how music works and how hard it is to compose a song. I give major props to all the musicians out there.

I don’t know how many times I had to listen to the song but the tempo was really hard to read and trying to figure out the time signature was really challenging. I had help from my husband, who was a band nerd in high school. He played the drums so his music knowledge is better than mine.

Here is a little bit of my process. The videos are too long but here are some clips.

Final thought

I wish I had more time and the skills to create my own song but I am happy with the result of this composition. I have a list of songs that I’ve started but never finished. Luckily with school being over, I can finally focus on making music and having fun. Hopefully I can use the skills that I learned for this song and make the composition stronger and tweak it to make it my own.

Here is the final song! I think I got pretty close! Just wish I had more time!