Self-Care Challenge

Lynn Nguyen

March 17, 2019

Skill description:

Self-care challenge is a voice experience that prompts users with daily self-care tasks.

Research objective:

The objective of this research is to understand if given a daily challenge,  will users develop a daily habit and develop a routine overtime. I want to learn, if given a daily challenge will a user change their behavior overtime.

Executive Summary:

For most of us, day to day life can very hectic.  We’re constantly moving, and our brains are constantly working.  The every-day hustle takes a toll on us physically and mentally which and over time can lead to health issues.  It seems like there is not enough time in the day to enjoy the things we once did. The Alexa self-care skill provides users with a small daily challenge of self-care to practice a better and more meaningful lifestyle.

Usability research findings

Section 1: Time

Three out of five users were tested over Google Hangout and Zoom meeting.  Users were then prompt to prompt the Alexa Skill.

Section 2: Confusion

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Section 3: {{summary title of findings}}

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Action items:

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Test design:

Different approaches were taken under the circumstances of different users.  Three out of Five users were tested through Zoom Meeting. One out of five users were tested through diary study.  Participant was given a task list and to record themself and provide journal entry with reflections. The other one out of five user was tested in person.  

Participant information:

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  • 5 participants
  • 20-35  years old
  • Participants occupations included students, estheticians, and military personnel


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Participant 1
Participant 2
Participant 3
Participant 4
Participant 5



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